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Value Added Service Platform

Do you want to generate revenue through a unique national number? Opt for a premium rate number or SMS +

Call Center Solution

We offer our partners quality multi-channel management and manage incoming and outgoing call flows

SDA number

With IP telephony, enjoy a commercial representation without any physical structure in the countries concerned, even without an address on the spot. Your customers call them at local rates

SMS platform

SMS Platforme is an SMS sending service intended for the various sites of the network, geographically spread over the French territory and which aims to improve communication and exchanges within the group via SMS exchanges.

Trunck Voip Trunck Voip

Competitive prices, scalable offers in just a few clicks, whether VoIp lines, SIP trunks, standard or numbers guaranteeing better value for money.

PABX solution

The PABX solution is a "turn-key" fixed telephony solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It includes an IP telephony standard integrating multiple features of private telephony and IP telephones and simple and ergonomic analogue sets.



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VHDL and Verilog are the HDL of the day, bconsultign offers a VHDL or verylog component design service, according to the specifications of our customers

Once the architecture is validated, the circuit is modeled at the RTL level. This modeling amounts to describing the implementation in the form of sequential elements (the registers or latches) and logical combinations between the different inputs / outputs of the sequential elements and the primary inputs / outputs of the circuit.

During the presilicon process, engineers test devices in a sophisticated virtual simulation environment, emulation, and formal verification tools. On the other hand, post-silicon validation tests occur on real-world devices running at speed. in the trading system maps


data processing


Integrate, adapt and develop as needed various products, tools, applications or information systems to meet needs.


The security of a network of companies is at the heart of the concern of IT managers, to carry out this mission, we bring you our expertise in the following areas:

  • Network security
  • Security of Virtual Environments and Cloud
  • Security of communications


SaaS, Software as a Service, proposes to consume software in the form of a hosted service. By subscription, SaaS solutions cover the main functional areas: ERP, CRM, Analytics, Platform, business applications.



Navigation ads

It is a modern strategy for marketing and business planning, it is based on the keywords of research, which leads us to the targeted customer to a specific product.


The VBS is a broadcast call, this type of call is used primarily to broadcast pre-recorded messages or make announcements.

SMS campaign

Stand out from the competition and strengthen your customer relationship via sending SMS marketing.De by its innovative nature, SMS marketing or Mobile Marketing, gives a professional, dynamic and modern image of your company. It is also less intrusive and especially cheaper than a paper mail or a call to a mobile.

Prospecting sheet

We have adopted a database regularly updated, containing the maximum of information on prospects, our prospecting sheets are destined to the product directly by the user company through for example a presence on a show or a game -Concours.

SMS platform

When you need to send short, accurate messages to customers, partners, or employees, SMS text messaging is a cost-effective, efficient, and secure way to communicate.

Social Resorts Ads

Depending on the nature of your business and your customers, B Consulting will help you in the right selection of platforms. We mobilize our expertise to communicate on advertising agencies of these levers (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, ...)



Value Added Service Edition

Thanks to quality subcontractors and qualified professionals, B Consulting offers premium value added services.

Subcontracting of Télé-Service

B Consulting offers the outsourcing solutions most suited to your project and at the same time the most profitable for your budget.


Payment by electronic card

The system is based on the secure payment server (SPS) which allows to offer authorizations on bank cards, in a secure environment. All local or foreign credit cards are accepted.

Payment by TPE

The TPE is an electronic instrument provided by the Bank to its merchant clients or service providers and allows them to accept their customers' payments via bank payment cards (VISA, MasterCard).

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